ready to scream

As my suggestion i asked charlie to set a bedtime for me, i have been staying up half the night and be sleepy all day and never get anything done around the house. So he set it as 11pm ( didnt think it would be that early)  but ok ill get use to it. So its been about 2 months and i might have got into bed at 11 a couple of times. So i asked him to change it to at least 12 and he agreed, still didnt work so the other night it was past 12 and he was at work and he text me and told me i was grounded because i wasnt in he bed yet, grr how does he know? Then he said ok and also its one lick for each minute you are late, WHAT, and he was counting and i was arguing with him about this new rule in place with no warning, and hes still counting but me and big mouth just cant shut up. So he gets to 60 grr and also he said im getting a maintence also,  ok ok i go to bed .So when he gets home the next morning i waited, and nothing now 2 days later im still waiting. This morning he comes home i was still in the bed, he gets the paddle out and lays down so i thought im about to get spanked. Well next thing i know he getting me up, we have to run a errand, we was gone for a couple of hours so when we got back home i was ready for it. I only had a hour before i had to go pick up our daughter from school. So he goes to the bedroom puts the paddle up and gets into bed, grrrr I know he been up all night and needs to sleep but he has plenty of opportunities to do ttwd. I did peak in the bedroom right before he went to sleep and he says i havent forget. i mumble whatever. And my friends say Patience, Im ready to jump up and down and have a fit. 

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