I give up

Yea it one of thoes i give up days. As you know from my last post im still waiting. Well last night charlie goes to work no mention of the spanking i was suppose to get. And chat last night was about is it ok to use technology to communicate with you spouse. Well i have a hard time doing face to face so i sit here last night and waited until he left and was sure he was at work and i then kik him. I told him he was free that he didnt have to do dd anymore and the game was over and he won. Thats how i feel like he thinks its some big game we playing and he only wants to play when he feels like it. Well to me dd is more than that, when we first started it was more or less all about control and spankings, but since then after researching and chatting with friends i have learned dd is more than that and i want all that goes with dd. How do i make him understand? When i break a rule or disrespect him and he lets it go or threatens me with a spanking then doesnt follow through. We been doing dd for 5 months now and it dont seem to be going nowhere and it leaves me feeling depressed and fustrated. He always has a excuse his latest one is he afraid the neighboor will hear us, well duh we been  doing it 5 months if she hasnt heard by now shes not going to. So do i just give up dd? oh by the way i hide the implements last night also, yea i was mad. I dont know to keep trying or just give up. We really have communation problems. 

One thought on “I give up

  1. Bob says:

    Hello babygirl

    You have just started your journey in the DD lifestyle and you already know what your problem is.
    All I am going to say is if you truly desire this then you will have to fight for it.
    you know what your problem is, before you do anything else you have to fix the communication problem because without that DD will never work.

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