just a small update

Things have been going ok, im doing my best to stay out of trouble and with the help of butterfly kiking until 2 am to talk me through my bad days we are getting there. charlie has been more consistence, but we do still have problems communating with each other. I dont know how to overcome this. anyone have any advice that would help? i may have to end my blog charlie doesnt want me blogging so if it does disapear you know what happen. 


my new friend

Well I did it again, If I dont get what i want or need  I end up throwing a fit and dont know when to shut up, I just keep on and on until I make him so mad. I wait until he goes to work then I text him and he hates texting he wants me to talk to him face to face and I did try but it went no where so I text he cant ingore me then. This time I thought I pushed him to far he said he was done. I was so upset I didnt know what to do, then I got a kik message from butterfky and we kik until 3am she made me feel so much better she gave me lots of advice and i took her advice and texted charlie and told him I was sorry and he said he forgave me. So that was a start, so now what do I do. Im not going to push him anymore, im not even going to mention dd to him im just going to submit and take it one day at a time and the next time I feel like screaming ill be kiking my sister, thanks butterfky. Oh the next day was his night off I waited and waited hoping he would just punish me, well it was 2am before he finaly said anythng and he did punish me hard and again friday he gave me a reminder and a punishment for breaking a rule. I still have not mentioned dd and i wont unless he does first im just going to submit and not push it on him. 

No spanking before coffee

We have been moving all week to another house, so dd has was put on the back burner ,we both been tired and i hurt in places i didnt know i had. We are finally about settled in so last night charlie says the program is back on and ill be getting a reminder in the morning and my weekly mainentence  later that day. He works 3rd shift so when he got home thur morning at 7.30 am  before i had my coffee he followed through with the reminder and a few extra ones he owes me that i have built up so much he decided to just to add licks until i got all that i earned. But anyway   this morning reminder woke me up, there should be a rule no spanking before coffee, i mean come on i was still sleepy. I think it hurt worse than one later in the day, plus i havent had a spanking in a week.  So im protesting for all the tihs no spanking before coffee.